About Brian’s comments

When activists attack scientific dissent
An orchestrated attack on a PhD thesis
Learning from Snowden: insights for whistleblowers
An online mobbing: academic freedom under threat
Whistleblowing and loyalty: insights from moral foundations

Skills and personal development
To do your best work, focus
Stress: how it can be good for you
The advantages of negative emotions
Mathematics: essential learning?
Daily data: be sceptical
Older body, youthful mind

A title for your article: on choosing titles
Stick with it: develop grit for success
Practise, and keep practising (for expert performance)
Think freakier
Marking blind: fairer marking of essays
Learning: how to do it better (and write better too)
Rapid learning the Josh Kaufman way
Marking essays: making it easier and more fun

War, peace, nonviolent action
Assassination, Inc.: on drone killings
Was 9/11 really so special?
One-eyed in the sky: Eye in the Sky double standards
The politics of American Sniper
Military research dilemmas: does military corruption matter?
Understanding protest: reading James Jasper
Learning from dictators

Opiate addiction in a market economy
The surgical sugar pill: surgery as placebo
A different kind of evolution: who decides about synthetic biology
Healing via the brain: Norman Doidge on neuroplasticity
The daily fix: caffeine and its problems
A prostate story: should you be tested for cancer?
Vaccination passions: insights from moral foundations
Pharmacrime and what to do about it

Personal dynamics
Understanding minds
Are you lucky? Success and luck
Subtle prejudice
What’s on your mind? How we (mis)understand others
Dealing with information overload
Narcissism on the rise: Anne Manne tells
Dealing with shaming the Jon Ronson way
Feeling good when others suffer: schadenfreude
The benefits of face-to-face interaction
Bad behaviour in disasters

Social dynamics
Questioning a Trump-making system
Your attention please! Media, advertising and propaganda
Mathematical models: the toxic variety
Learning from failure
Preventing catastrophe
The rise and decline of Illawarra Citizen Advocacy
Online harassment
If not elections, what else?

Online and objectionable?
The well-dressed anarchist
The story-editing solution: social interventions that work
We’re being analysed: insights from social media
News, fast and slow
Politics and morals
Open access dilemmas
From selling politicians to promoting deliberation

About Brian
I’m an emeritus professor at the University of Wollongong. I’ve written 17 books and hundreds of articles on nonviolence, dissent, scientific controversies, democracy, information issues, education and other topics. See http://www.bmartin.cc/pubs/ for copies of all of them.


I’m also vice president of Whistleblowers Australia and host a large website on suppression of dissent.

The posts here are shorter commentaries on health, dissent, education, happiness, scientific controversies, self-development and other topics. Many are based on books I’ve read.

If you have suggestions of any sort, on the site or topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know. Send feedback to bmartin@uow.edu.au

The precursor to this page is my “comments to colleagues”, http://www.bmartin.cc/pubs/comments/.

Brian Martin

Dissent, nonviolence and other topics